Alan Medlar

I am a research scientist at the University of Helsinki, where I co-lead the Exploratory Search and Personalization (ESP) research group with Dorota Glowacka.

My research interests are related to information seeking, interactive systems and user experience. In particular, I am interested in how we can support users performing exploratory search: where users are trying to learn about or investigate unfamiliar topics and have complex, evolving information needs.

I am currently working on projects related to user experience modeling, interactive image retrieval, and applications of virtual reality to search.

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Recent Publications

User experience modelling

Critiquing-based Modeling of Subjective Preferences
Alan Medlar, Jing Li, Yang Liu, Dorota Glowacka
UMAP 2022

Lexical semantic change

Statistically Significant Detection of Semantic Shifts using Contextual Word Embeddings
Yang Liu, Alan Medlar, Dorota Glowacka
Eval4NLP 2021

Exploratory search

ROGUE: A System for Exploratory Search of GANs
Yang Liu, Alan Medlar, Dorota Glowacka
SIGIR 2022

Ivan Kropotov, Alan Medlar, Dorota Glowacka
CIKM 2021

Alan Medlar, Jing Li, Dorota Glowacka
CHIIR 2021


Alan Medlar, Dorota Glowacka
SIGIR Forum, Dec. 2021